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It’s hard to understand sometimes

27 Dec

I don’t even know why


melted world

21 Dec

melted world
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The world is melting around it.. and I don’t do anything about it.. I can’t deal with that kind of compromise, but its me who’s going down next.

Claws out

7 Dec

Sleepping with the enemy
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You don’t know who you’re messing with

A tu reglamento..

6 Dec

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Estoy muy muy enojada!

the follower

4 Dec

the follower
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Blindly believing
People is used to believe what they’re told, from our parents, teachers, religion and the best of all, the media, which most of the time the news or shows and movies we see are full of crap that certain groups need to tell you so you can keep doing what they want.. let’s open our eyes and have a bit of curiosity.. its amazing what you can find out.
Don’t be a sheep.