Lately, everyone needs a touch of spring

23 Jan

I do!
I’ve been finding myself thinking ALL THE TIME about this problem that is bothering me, I was getting worried about me getting obsessed.. Today I had the answer and I decide to let go.. I found WHY THE HELL that shit is bothering me, making me uncomfortable, sick, sleepless and mad…
I FEEL USED! that’s it.. that was the answer and I’m writing it here so I don’t forget not so you find an intellectual or philosophical answer to problems of life…
The KEY is.. for those who bother to read this.. the real key is to get to ground zero and find the real reason why that thing is bothering you so much.. and work it out.. but from the source! cuz the real answer to your problem is inside you.

(My favorite flowers indicate that soon spring will come.. can’t wait!)


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