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My First Render

31 Jan

This is a model I made a couple months ago for a client.  I just discover the amazing help of the rendering plugin that SU Podium is.

Modelo en SketchUp y render con Podium

Modelo en SketchUp y render con Podium


First post from 2009

3 Jan

It’s amazing that the first decade of the 2000 is almost over! wow.. time flies! and because of that we have to really think in what we do and enjoy everyday like it was the last. This line is old, but it’s also true. You will never live this day again.. this second, so make it worthy.

For me this year is gonna be full of changes. Lots of work, possibly get married, lots of love of course, I’ll be 32 wow!, new projects that I’ve been working on this past months are gonna be a success.. and lots of travel and meeting new people, learning different things, a change of look, and sight, new perspectives, new opportunities, new experiences.. it’s gonna be so much fun!! I can’t wait to live.

Happy new year and hope all your dreams come true. CHEERS!

Christmas lights camera toss

Christmas lights camera toss